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Date:2009-06-24 09:46
Subject:Current favorite song, yo

Have a Nice Life - Bloodhail

I feel the top of the roof come off,
kill everybody there
as I'm watching all the stars burn out,
trying to pretend that I care.

But I didn't, no-one ever does, and I would, no-one ever will

Can't you see it's all flown out of my hands
and our clothes are all too often ripped
and our teeth are all too often gnashed
and it lasts as long as it possibly can

but I just don't accept this.

I just don't accept this at all.

Faces sweaty, arms and legs, what a glorious set of stairs we make.

We kill everyone with arrowheads, arrowheads, arrowheads.
Thank god that's over.

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Date:2009-05-17 22:00
Subject:My Diagnosis

This is Aeron in a nutshell.
If you spent a lot of time with me (jessica + jesse, im talking to you here)
this will most likely interest you.

It starts between the ages of 3-5 when i developed an Oedipus Complex.

Normally, the Oedipus Complex fades around 5 when the boy realizes the taboos of what he feels.
This in turn causes the development of the Superego.

"The Super-ego aims for perfection. It comprises that organized part of the personality structure, mainly but not entirely unconscious, that includes the individual's ego ideals, spiritual goals, and the psychic agency (commonly called 'conscience') that criticizes and prohibits his or her drives, fantasies, feelings, and actions."

In my case, the Oedipus Complex did not completely fade and the Superego did not fully develop.
Hence, the OC probably sabotaged every relationship i was in, and is the reason for a lot of my behaviors, ie: having to show new things to everyone (seeking mother's approval), being a performer (again, same), and it explains other isolated incidents where i've acted out in the past.
Because the Superego did not develop properly and it being responsible for rational thoughts, it explains a huge problem behavior of mine as well: always thinking emotionally when faced with a problem.
Because of this, i tend to do whatever i feel rather than what is the right thing to do, explaining why i don't try to better my situation and my life.

This is just a beginning, the big step was recognising the issues at hand and the next step is confronting and fixing them. Then i will be a normal person.

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Date:2008-12-19 16:53

I like looking at the snow.
That's all the positives i have about it.

Today is the 3rd day of work i've missed because of it.
I cannot afford this.

I'm missing today because when i went out to my car i had a flat tire.
what the fuck

And this morning Lindsey told me that we are evicted.

what the fuck x2

The upstairs neighbors are the most unreasonable people.
We keep the noise down, we smoke outside.
They still complain. So now we have to go. Where? Who the hell knows.
Can't really afford this.

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Date:2008-09-05 16:32
Subject:Jumping on a Bandwagon

1. First name: Aeron

2. Age: 28; Birthday in June

3. Location: Nanaimo, BC, Canada

4. Hometown: Victoria, BC, Canada

5. Occupation: I drive a desk at an answering service, one of the most futile jobs ever.

6. Partner: Nope.

7. Kids: Nope.

8.Brothers/Sisters: Brother: Lindsey 19. Sister: Shelby 17.

9.Pets: Simon the cat and Zero the deaf ferret

10. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
1) Where will i live next month?
2) Will i find a relationship again?
3) Still building those god damned Gundams
4) Smoke weed everyday...

11.Parents: Mom - Janice, Dad - Dave. (M.I.A.) Step-Dad - Eddy

12. Who are some of your closest friends?: Dax, Jesse, Bonez, Lindsey, Mya, Luke

13. Do you drink/smoke?: Unfortunately i started smoking again after 1 month of quitting. The meds i was on to stop turned me into a monster. For reals. Smoking was a better alternative to being that guy.

14.Tattoos/Piercings: 2g tunnels. 10g septum, 2x 14g lip barbels, 2x 14g nipple barbels. Took out my eyebrow piercing this year. Tattoos: Constellation of Cancer on my upper back, Music notes & stars behind my ears, "bR0KEN" on the inside of my lip (love you bro!), Star outline on my left bicep (love you cuz!), a Zero on my left wrist (my negativity spot), A purple star on my left calf, and an underwater leg piece on my right leg. It features a foot tall Octopus on one side and a Koi on the other. There's also a skull fountain, a crab, a treasure chest and a some toxic waste barrels in there too.

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Date:2008-08-22 17:59


Building Gundams (HG 1/100 scale only)

Working Full Time @ Tigertel (no more fast eddies!!)

Loving the show "Dexter"

B.O.T.M.: (i think instead of band of the month, it should be 'band of the moment')

Easy Star All-Stars
Scars on Broadway

Smoking:Maple Syrup/Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blunts and my skully glass sherlock.

Playing "Fable"
and anticipating Fable 2, Fallout 3 and of course MUTHAFUCKING Force Unleashed!! <--Sept 16th!! stoooked.

(side note, the actor that plays "Vader's Secret Apprentice" in The Force Unleashed had a small cameo in "Dexter". odd...)

my life in a nutshell for now.

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Date:2008-08-01 15:15
Subject:Aeron's Band of the Month

I have 2 this time...

And i have realized that this isn't a monthly update, but oh well.

Scars on Broadway
This record really blows Serj's out of the water, it's amazingly catchy

FUUUUUUUUCCCKKK...this is heavy shit

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Date:2008-07-15 17:17
Subject:Aeron's Band of The Month

Aeron's band of the month:


I know im reeally late in the game on this one, but holy fuck man. I literally cannot stop listening it Jane Doe.

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Date:2008-07-04 14:30
Subject:Aeron's Band of the Month

Aeron's band of the month is:


so fucking gooood...

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Date:2008-04-26 14:41
Mood: meh

Today my dog from my teens got put down. He had the doggy cancer.
Miss you little buddy.

"Bailey", "E", "Elaine", "Bails", "Belleh"


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Date:2008-03-04 02:08




Good night little ones.

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Date:2008-03-01 00:14

Radimus in my Shoe


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Date:2008-02-21 15:21

Skin and Atmosphere

Think I'll rename my heart the calendar.
 'Cause it'll surely know just when to end.
 And I've been looking at you through the telephone,
 As the photograph whispers that she isn't even home.

So alone, I bleed myself right in.
 Unusual here breathing, inviting the silence.

 But you're not here,
 You're nowhere near at all.
 Just skin and atmosphere.

 And if it's not what you wanted,
 Better get out now.

 Alone it takes me,
 Underneath it'll surely break me.
 Underneath these things.


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Date:2008-02-16 14:37
Subject:36 Crazyfists does it again...
Mood: confused

I'll Go Until My Heart Stops


And I like the way your lips turned legendary.
And I like the way the sun will come to light.

But it won't be long until it's your very last goodbye.
Decide to make it hard to find, but make it.

And if you decide that you need a thousand heartaches,
a thousand heartaches,

and into this hotel room was the greatest mistake.
the greatest mistake.

And I want this all to be just necessary so when the darkness comes we won't need the light.
And I want this all to be just necessary so when the darkness comes we won't need the light.

But it won't be long until it's your very last goodbye.
Decide to make it, between the seasons we find room.

And if you decide that you need a thousand heartaches,
a thousand heartaches,

and into this hotel room was the greatest mistake.
the greatest mistake.

This is as real as it gets
with weapons in hand.
We opt to not lay down our guns.

And if you decide that you need a thousand heartaches,
a thousand heartaches
and into this hotel room was the greatest mistake.
the greatest mistake.


And if you decide that you,
And if you decide that you,
And if you decide that you,


Could I be any further along when a room leaves nothing?
We close our eyes to avoid the sound.

You were traveling by an aeroplane over the ocean.
I was deciding the way to perform the rescue.

Could I be any more this way, done starting over.
The silence in you, and this could be,
and this could be the hardest thing to leave without a single trace.
Here without you, I fall apart.

Sleeping in the water so warm in a dream so stalking.
Dancing in darkness with the air so alive, believing.

I have been here more than I'd like to, but it's the only way I know how to rescue.
Wake me up {when it's over}.
Turn down the lights, don't wait for me,
{we'll place these stars inside our hearts},
I'm pretty sure I won't be coming home tonight.

Here without you, I fall apart.


I wrote this story so many days ago, and the words kept falling onto pages.
Without the loss we can't go on, and with the loss we became strong.
It's how it is, as we stare it down.

Oh my god do I think that this is the end of everything.
When everything inside wants me to feel like this is normal.
And in the quiet, the silence screams aloud. And the panic resides along our inners.
And with the tragedy we go, pushing the hell so far below.
Desperate hands cover my face.

So stay calm this way in case we're needed for emergency.
And if we are we'll be prepared for action.
This is how it's supposed to be.
Somebody better call a doctor.

And maybe this could be the end of everything that we want. Don't panic.
And from a distance it seems that the water will wash panic away.
Oh my lord, believe.

There's no need for emergency, but in case there is, distract it.
If this is the great descent, I won't be running for the exits.

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Date:2008-02-14 23:56

Why can’t I see it’s all not wrong
Why can’t you be here again
Still don’t believe I know you’re gone
I miss your love
I miss your love

Date:2008-01-24 12:59

So I got up this morning to go to work.
Go out to my car, and the door is ajar.
So the stereo is gone, my 6X9s are gone.
Motherfucker didnt take the subs, but did take a 12 pack of JUICE that i got at zellers for 2 dollars.
Didn't take my flat of water, but did take my lighter.
Didn't take my ROLL OF QUARTERS, but took my blinking red light.
I actually took (for the first time ever) my CD book out of the car on Tuesday night. There's like 200 cds in there.
That stroke of pure luck is actually the reason why im not more upset about this. If I had lost my cd collection,
I think i wouldve lost my shit and collapsed into the fetal position.

So i get into the car and it doesn't start. Remote starter doesn't work, key doesn't work.
I call work. One of the waitresses has called in sick so they REALLY need me. I dont understand why, Im not
a server and my shift is 11-1 where i do the prep for the evening and then stand around for an hour and a half.
Not to mention that IM A DRIVER. NO CAR = NO DRIVEY.
I call the boss and he has a fit, "AH FUCK NO WAITRESS, CATCH A CAB AAAHH AAHHH"
I catch a cab. Work foots the tab.
When i get to work, i find my shift has been filled. The number they were trying to reach me at is for the OTHER
Aaron that works there. ARG
I call up the stepdad (he's handy with cars), he picks me up, we get to the car.
It starts fine.
What a frustrating morning. I took the sub out of my car, so i'm totally out of music in there now. No music.
I'm a driver. This is going to suck hard.
I was talking to the boss about the bad timing of this happening.
Hooked up Terasen gas. Security Deposit = $440
Hooked up Hydro. Old Balance = $806.
Got first Dentist Appt. in a decade coming up next Weds. = $Who fucking can guess
I told the boss i'm going to need to get a second job.
The reason i didn't do this before is because at this job i work splits for almost everyday i work.
This leaves no time for another job.
He and I agreed that i should get a second job, and he'll take me off splits when i do.

I had just recently made a concious decision to "Grow Up", take responsibility for my debt, and move on
with my life.
I have been dodging it for years, then i make the choice to face the music, become an adult, then this fucking
break in happens. I'm not feeling that rewarded for my smart life choice.
Im so pissed right now.
Need a 4h/day job soon. Any Ideas?

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Date:2007-10-31 13:42
Mood: hungry

Currently listening to:

HORSE the Band - A Natural Death (easily their best album ever --KANGAROOSTER MEADOWS!)

As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance  (My favorite deathcore album...SICK SICK Breakdowns --Bass bombs!)

Beneath the Massacre - Mechanics of Dysfunction (tech tech tech fast fast fast)

Coal Chamber - Dark Days (also easily their best album, very overlooked, very good)

Divine Heresy - Bleed the Fifth (pretty much Fear Factory, but faster and heavier)

Suicide Silence - The Cleansing (SICK vocals, awesome snare tone)

BTBAM - Colors (not their best in my opinion, but these guys cant really fail at anything -- "FEED ME FEAR" - best part on the album)

Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead (excellent album, Empty Walls is prime...good 'tide you over' album till the next System)

Dethklok -  The Dethalbum (pretty good, Thunderhorse is the standout...Who are these guys in real life?)

Pumpkins song collection: nearly 400 songs....

What are you listening to?

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Date:2007-10-25 13:19
Subject:Bandwagon Hopper...JESSE SAY NOTHING

1 question...
1 chance...
1 honest answer...
That's all you get...

Ask me 1 question.
Any 1 question, anything,
no matter how crazy it is.
An honest answer.

No catch.
Except one. All comments will be screened so your question stays private between you and me, and only you will get to see my answer to your question.

But I dare you to repost this
and see what people ask you.

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Date:2007-10-14 02:17
Subject:songs on the brain

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Date:2007-09-25 23:02
Subject:Smashing Pumpkins September 24th 2007
Mood: good


Intro (not sure yet what this was)
Doomsday Clock
Drown (YES!! Complete with full feedbacky ending!!)
Bring the Light
Tonight Tonight
Glass (theme? or the other glass song, so obscure)
To Sheila (Billy on acoustic, awesome)
1979 (Billy solo acoustic, crowd singalong, also awesome)
United States (complete with Canadian Anthem!!)
That's The Way [My Love Is]
Ava Adore
Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Heavy Metal Machine

Encore 1:

Encore 2:

Billy speech ("Thank you for not buying the new Bon Jovi album" "No, we're not playing Disarm")

Too Fucking Rad for words.

I realized many times during the show just how much material the band has, and hearing songs i really wanted to hear was just gonna be luck.


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Date:2007-07-08 23:16
Subject:Serendipity (or King Kong mega post)
Mood: lucky

ser·en·dip·i·ty /ˌsɛrənˈdɪpɪti/
1. an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.
2. good fortune; luck: "the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for."

So awhile ago, I was on a delivery for pizza hut and i picked up a computer that was sitting at the end of someone's driveway. It had a sign that said "Free, It Works".
I loaded up into the car. It was a tower and a monitor, some cords. The only thing missing was a power cord for the monitor. I remembered that there was a box of random cords at my mom's house. I went there and asked here about it, telling the story of the roadside comp.

She says to me "Why dont you just take mine?" So i did, and it's about a million times better than the one i found. It's what im using right now.

On that note, when my brother moved into my house, he plugged his modem into the wall just cause, and it turns out our suite has and has had internet this whole time i've been living here. And i have no idea who's paying for it. Score.

Flash forward to last night. I went to go pick up Jesse from Jackie's and on the side of the road at the end of the driveway is a box for 2 10" subs with a sign that says "Free".
I ask Jesse if i'm going to regret not taking this sub box, even though i have no subs to put into it...She says probably so we load it up.

This Morning.
At work we decide to go out for a coffee break. So we're sitting and i decide to tell my coworkers about last night's score. As im adjusting the box to see how it will fit into my car, a dude comes up to me and says
"Need some subs for that box?"

"Well, actually yeah, i do"

"I've got a sub box with 2 10" JL subs with an attached amp that i've been lugging from house to house as i move for a while...make me an offer i cant refuse."

"Uhh, well..."

"50 bucks?"

"What's your number?"

At this point i know what everyone reading this is thinking...
"Who's car are these from?"
Have no fear folks, i am pretty good at reading people, and this guy was clean cut, mid 40's and he gave me his number on his business card. (Landscaping)
I went to his house on my split and picked that sucker up. His kid was there too, he definitely wasn't a scammer selling hot goods.

So, long story short, NEW SUBS FOR 50 BUX!! I've always wanted subs in my car, but they were always waaay to expensive.

I thought these two stories paralleled each other in a really nifty way.

I was trying to start a custom of taking my picture every birthday of mine that passes, but i forgot (or most likely did not get around to) posting this year's.
So here's me on June 25, 2007...

"A Portrait Of The Artist Upon Turning The Age Of Twenty-Seven"

Here i am sporting Jackie's birthday present to me:

Dudes, the Baconator is pretty tasty, but not pretty...

I am beyond stoked about this:

I do honestly trust Rob Zombie to take care of my favorite horror movie ever...

Back to the awesomeness of today, (NEW SUBS!!!) almost as if to upstage me, Jesse gave birth to this little fella:

I'm thinking "Charlie", but we're not sure yet...

Okay, i think im done for now.

Seacrest Out.

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